“Ridiculously Conservative”

Rich Lowry, editor of National Review, posted this yesterday over on NR’s weblog The Corner:

Got back a while ago from a photo shoot for a group shot of New York conservatives for an issue of a glossy magazine to come out the week of the Republican convention. As the photographer positioned us and snapped away I thought of a paraphrase of that Ben Stiller line from Zoolander, “Sometimes I wonder if there is more to life than being ridiculously conservative.” Although the women in our group added considerably to our snazziness, it must have been the least glamorous/hip group of people to be in this downtown studio in a long time. I thought I detected a little amusement in the woman’s voice at the front desk when I showed up in my conservative dark suit and conservative blue shirt and she asked, “You’re here with the Republicans?”

Any ideas on which glossy? Vanity Fair? Or have they fulfilled their conservative quota by running the Ron & Nancy cover two issues ago? E-mail me if you have any ideas…

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