TBC Gets One Of Them “Shout Out” Thingies From RCOF, DPUSA

In the latest post to his blog, my friend Rob over at Rob’s Carnival of Fear laments that while TBC is “tackling issues like literary criticism and poetry,” RCOF “mostly talks about bad experiences with the service at T.G.I.Fridays.” Of course, this is probably why people actually read RCOF, while TBC is read about as often as, say, the liner notes for an Evanescense CD or the U.S. Constitution.

Except where Mike Martin is concerned. Apparently the sole proprieter of Dance Party USA was so taken with my review of Auden’s Lectures on Shakespeare that he plans on picking up a copy. No doubt my recently purchased copy combined with MM’s will gladden the hearts of the publishing house who sagely foresaw its huge domestic American audience, and will thereby keep it off the remainder tables for years to come. And you thought only Oprah and her so-called “book club” could make the publishing world quake with fear…

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