Faux Ringo

So…according to this story, a guy acting and sounding just like Ringo Starr breezed into St. Augustine, FL, where the notion that he was in fact Ringo Starr was accepted at face value by both the citizens and the media, even though — and this is important — he never actually claimed to be Ringo Starr. When peppered with questions by the local media -– none of whom thought to ask, “uh, hey, are you, like, really Ringo Starr?” -– he simply answered “no comment,” apparently in a desire to “shun media attention.”

There are two things that should have immediately given him away. First, that “shunning media attention” crap. I mean, really – when has Ringo Starr ever under any circumstances shunned media attention? Ringo’s still peeved that Macca gets all the headlines as a brilliant songwriter and that both John and George made rather prudent career choices by dying, though George’s timing and mode of exit (Cancer? How cliché…) are worth questioning. Of course, the second thing that should have given this guy away –- as the photo accompanying the story makes clear — is that HE DOESN’T LOOK A FUCKING THING LIKE RINGO STARR!

But maybe there’s something in the air these days. Right now there’s a guy running around the country masquerading as a Republican president, who even possesses the temerity to run for reelection as a Republican, even though he’s been spending federal money like he’s channeling the ghost of Harry Hopkins.

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