Huey Lewis And His News

So Springsteen and Mellencamp and Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Brown — basically anyone who played a set at the “No Nukes” concert back in 1980 — have weighed in, and Kerry’s their man. Dennis Hopper, who has trouble remembering large chunks of the ’60s and ’70s, will, albeit surprisingly, choose Bush in 2004.

But I know what you’re thinking: someone’s missing. Someone has yet to publicly proclaim his support for either candidate. Someone like Huey Lewis.

Wait no more, political junkies. Huey’s no longer keeping America’s political machine in limbo the way Ike kept us waiting while he decided whether to be a Republican or a Democrat. According to Huey Lewis’ website, Huey’s chosen Kerry.

Thanks, Huey. Thanks. Now, with this knowledge, we can all return to the heavy-lifting that is America’s democratic process.

P.S. “Org?” Huey Lewis is a non-profit? Weird, isn’t it?

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