Extra! Drudge-like Sirens! Republican National Convention Coverage courtesy of The Bloody Crossroads!

Well, not really. But that would be kind of cool, huh?

Sorry I haven’t updated my blog in a couple weeks. My roommates and I have lost our internet connection. In fact, I probably won’t have after-work-hours internet access for a couple of weeks. Moving to Woodley Park, and will have to connect there once I get settled. Bear with me.

In NYC — not for the convention (as if I could get credentials) but rather for a much-needed vacation. Staying in Chelsea (why was Joni Mitchell’s “Chelsea Morning” playing in my head as I ate my eggs at the Empire Diner?). Walked around the Village and Soho today. Ate in Little Italy. Hit a number of used bookstores. Walked through Washington Square Park. Here’s what I’ve seen so far…

Went to UCB Theater last nighth and saw “The Swarm”. Long-form improv troupe. Saw them last time I was in town and had to see them again. Some of the funniest improv I’ve ever seen.

Saw tons of barricades, lots of uniform presense from midtown down to the Bowery, lots of Kerry supporters and people looking ready to protest something/anything, some of your usual angry-youth types. I mean lots on both ends. As I was waiting at the taxi stand at Penn Station, the woman in front of me remarked to her friend, “you can just feel the tension.” Indeed. Glad I’m out of here on Sunday. Though I don’t know if I’ll escape unscathed — rumor is that they’re blocking off 6th and 7th Aves, precisely the aves between which my hotel is located. And apparently trying to get out of Penn Station on Sunday is going to resemble trying to get out of Saigon before the fall.

I saw ten thousand drummers whose hands were a blazin’ — wait…I didn’t see that. Bob Dylan did. Or so he claims in “Hard Rain.”

Anyway, that’s it. Write me if you want a souveneir or something.

Been working on a lengthy post on the criticial reception that Dale Peck and James Wood’s respective collections of literary essays have been receiving over the last couple months. So, yes, TBC will get back to being about the place “where literature and politics meet.” But in the meantime…”woke up..it was a Chelsea morning…”

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