Fears confirmed

Yep. The protest is happening on 7th Avenue — right outside my door. Silly me, booking a hotel room and thinking that, by staying away from Midtown, I’d be away from the action.

Don’t know how I’m going to get a taxi. Don’t know if I’ll even make it to Penn Station. Could be one hell of a bag-drag. Cutting short my vacation just to get home. Paid for a late checkout that I’m not even going to use.

Here’s how I protested the protesters: went to Starbuck’s and had a Chai Tea latte. Corporate coffee. They hate that.

On a good note: Don’t know who owns or runs the St. Marks’s Bookstore, on 3rd Avenue in the East Village, but they seem to have been invading my dreams. St. Mark’s is is what a new-title bookstore would look like if I were running it and/or buying for it. Excellent selection in the very sections/genres that interest me. Their poetry section is the best in a new bookstore that I’ve ever seen. Minor quibble: no essays/belle lettres section. But hey, can’t expect perfection. Plus, it’s right around the corner from the St. Mark’s hotel, a literary landmark, since this is where Auden lived the final years of his life, reputedly in rooms that were some of messiest most visitors had ever seen.

Sorry I’m not providing links to some of the places I’ve visited. On deadline. Getting ready to pack. Wish me luck.

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