Castro Falls

That was what the headline on one website read. I clicked on the link, hoping to read that the warden of the Western Hemisphere’s largest prison camp had finally been overthrown. But no, the sonofabitch had only fallen and broken his knee. They shoot horses, don’t they?

Oh, well. Have to suffice with Anthony Daniels’s pasting of the cult of personality surrounding Che, in The New Criterion. Here’s a sample:

…if we analyze Guevara’s popular appeal more than a third of a century after his timely death, we can see that it is the result of aesthetic and emotional responses rather than rational reflection, responses that are now kept alive by a good dose of commercialism. On one website dedicated to his memory, for example (, I found twenty-seven different varieties of Guevara T-shirts for sale, including a distressed olive-green one, one with reflective ink, a black one with glitter, and a black one with red glow. New berets were also available, the site announced with an exclamation mark, as if we had all been anxiously waiting for them, as well as baseball and trucker hats, bandannas, keyrings, Zippo lighters, desk clocks, and brooches. In short, Guevara is not so much an historical figure as a tourist destination. And most tourists don’t read too deeply into the history of the places they are going to.

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