“A Road Man for the Lords of Karma”

More HST.

Many commentators from the world of politics and journalism indicated that they were surprised but not shocked that Hunter Thompson took his own life. These commentators have been joined in their sentiment by two more rather suprising sources: Juan and Jennifer Thompson, HST’s son and daughter-in-law. In their interview with the Rocky Mountain News, both indicate that they knew it was a matter of time. Not that Thompson was in some sort of mental decline, but that he just wasn’t the type of person who would end his life in a hospital. “There was just no question that when the time came he would choose to do it himself,” said Juan Thompson. “The idea of Hunter lying in a hospital bed with tubes, gasping for breath, is so contrary to his whole life and purpose and drive.”

Interesting comments, especially considering that someone wrote to Jim Romenesko’s Media News website calling Thompson a coward for doing what he did with his family in such proximity (apparently HST shot himself while his family was visiting him; it was Juan Thompson who found HST dead in his study). But apparently his family feels the opposite.

In the same interview, Jennifer Thompson quotes HST: “He was a road man for the lords of karma,” she told the reporter. I’d heard him utter this same sentiment a few years ago when he was on “The Charlie Rose Show” doing publicity for the movie version of Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas. It struck me then, and it strikes me now. “You couldn’t ask him what it meant,” Juan Thompson told RMN.

When asked if HST had his usual potable, Chivas Regal, at his side when he pulled the trigger, Juan Thompson simply replied “Of course he did.”

Of course. What else would a road man have?

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